Master Classes


Choose between Five-Day or Single-Day Workshops

Five-Day Vocal Workshop

Class Objective:  An intensive workshop that provides an overview of the fundamentals of singing and performance practice. Students will learn healthy vocal technique and have the opportunity to apply it to projects in process, as well as address and correct any technical issues. This workshop is excellent for the more advanced voice student or for anyone preparing for a recital or audition. Presentation and dramatic interpretation are also discussed at length. Constructive peer coaching is encouraged and expected.

Format:  Five-day residency for singers. Similar format as Voice Master Class but with more focus on technique as it applies to repertoire. Students come prepared with two pieces on which to work.* Course outline as follows:   

Day One:

Fundamentals of breathing

Breathing exercises

Identifying/Releasing points of stress

Managing “stage fright”/anxiety

Sign-ups for singing weeks 3-5

Day Two:

Vocal warm ups

Technical exercises:

Pitch range expansion

Breath control/capacity

Messa di voce (dynamic range expansion)


Unison/Ensemble singing

Days Three-Five:  

Interpretation/Dramatic Presentation

Students bring in pieces to perform for the class

Day Five:             

Choosing repertoire

Audition tips       

Recap of material covered in class

Q and A

*Students should bring two extra copies of each piece and have translations of foreign languages.

Tech Requirements: Classroom or auditorium with tuned piano and competent accompanist. 

 Single-Day Workshops

 (Any proficiency level; solo or ensemble singers)

Objective:  Each workshop focuses on specific issues pertinent to the soloist or ensemble singer. Please email for more info on each course.

Format:  Lecture/Demo workshop with handouts and substantial group participation.

  1. "Leaving Your Ego in the Wings: Managing Performance Anxiety"

This workshop identifies and focuses on the root causes of performance anxiety (aka “stage fright”) – self-consciousness and ego. Participants will come to their own understanding of a performer’s responsibility to the composer/poet/art form through lecture, discussion, and exercise. The goal is a clearer concept of an organic performance – one that leaves “self” out of the picture. Interpretation and truth of expression are also discussed among the group.

  1. "Choir is Not a Democracy: Choral/Ensemble Etiquette"

This lecture/discussion workshop discusses the structure and interpersonal dynamics of a performing ensemble and offers guidelines to enable participants to function happily and more efficiently within the group. Perfect for volunteer or high school choruses, this course paves the way for a long and happy future of ensemble singing.

  1. "Many Singers, One Voice: The Zen of Unison/Ensemble Singing" 

This highly interactive workshop addresses the challenges of ensemble singing and, in particular, singing in unison. Intensive exercises will hone this very satisfying aspect of collegial singing.  The results will astonish as  many seemingly distinct voices will learn to resonate as one without compromising individual voice quality. As always, the practices of healthy technique are discussed and reinforced.

  1. "You Want Me to Sing What?: Accommodating Different Styles of Singing Without Compromising Technique" 

Need to sing the theme song from “Cheers” at a wedding? Want to pull some “Blues” out of your pocket? Maybe you’ve got some Annie Heart tugging at your inner Diva. Through discussion and demonstration, this workshop will explore the art of singing authentically in different styles. Whether it’s rock ‘n roll, country western, jazz, blues, or pop, you can find a way to accommodate all repertoire healthfully, organically, and with your head held high!

Objective: Each workshop focuses on specific issues pertinent to the soloist or ensemble singer. Please email for more info on each course.

Tech Requirements:  Classroom or auditorium with tuned piano and competent accompanist.


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