What is F'loom?

F'loom is a vocal trio that presents programs of original pieces showcasing every aspect of the human voice, from song to mouth percussion to storytelling to poetry to politico-cultural satire to sheer silliness and beyond. All things vocal, no limits. F'loom's expansive repertoire seethes with incisive humor, virtuosity, melody, harmony, rhythm, and a profound love of language.

Who is F'loom?

Robert Kulik, Bessi Phillips, and Rick Scott.


How long has F'loom been around?

F'loom was founded in 1995 and has been bringing its unique vocal programs to musical and literary venues ever since.  

What has the press said about F'loom?

“Satire and wit that would make Stockhausen, Zappa, and Firesign Theater proud.” - Liane Hansen of NPR’s Weekend Edition

"Serious musicianship within wildly original forms and inventions: utterly delightful.” - The Juilliard School of Music

"F'loom combines poetry, prose, social commentary, intellectual humor, philosophy, political humor, puns, sarcasm, wit and whim, into unforgettable kinds of vocalized musics; a fest for the ears, eyes and mind. I love what they do; it is intense and refreshing.” - Eastman School of Music 


Where and with whom has F'loom performed?

F'loom has appeared at many prominent venues, including the Kravis Center; the Knitting Factory; The Bottom Line; the Juilliard School of Music; Broadway's John Houseman Theatre; the Proctors Theatre; the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center; Brown University; Dartmouth College; the University of Rochester; the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City; the Ottawa Folk Festival; and the Intermedia Arts Center in Minneapolis. F'loom has appeared twice as guest artists on NPR's “Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen,” and been featured on CBC Canada.

F'loom has appeared with many artists, including Lily Tomlin, Eric Bogosian, Christine Lavin, The Bobs, Margaret Atwood, Moxy Fruvous, David Francey, Laura Smith, and Jesse Winchester.


Does F'loom do workshops, master classes, residencies?

Yes, yes, and yes. We are all passionate educators.


Is F'loom more appropriate for children or adults?

Both! We've performed extensively for children (K-12), adults, and mixed-age crowds. We tailor our performances to our audiences.


How do I contact F'loom?

E-mail us at floom@floom.com, visit our site at www.floom.com, or snailmail us at:

P.O. Box 10005
Rochester, NY 14610


Elizabeth Phillips, Soprano
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